The following are ideas for the future of this website and the project of consolidating everything into one area that is also backed up by other means.

This information and posts will be a combination of public, password protected, and private.


Art Therapy and other Art pieces over the years.


A future placemark for various book ideas and hopefully published books at some point in the future.


Collages using magazine pictures, generally done while inpatient, but sometimes for other reasons.


All of our diaries, handwritten journals, and online journals over the years compiled in a chronological order.

Therapy Sessions

Transcriptions of therapy sessions over the years. Possibly audio excerpts to be included.

Mind Control

The various mind control programming intentionally done to us by organized groups or other vicarious learning mind control within these groups. This occasionally will be compounded by trauma or dynamics within our family unit or other life experiences that reinforce and entangle these programming messages in our mind.

The plan is to visually connect different trauma based programming messages and show how they intertwine together and build upon one another to create a complex system of survival. The hope is to explain the numerous rules and dynamics within our system that are a result of our trauma and the intentional mind control programming done to us. We hope to connect and explain the nature of this trauma, our process of uncovering the pieces, and our pathways and process of healing. It’s been a long road and we continue the journey, but there is a brighter light of hope that we hold onto now.


Scenic photography, Individuals (permission given to post), and other photography by me/us.


Our Polyvore Art pieces… we miss Polyvore so much! It was an online collage resource that was very therapeutic and insightful and an outlet for others inside to express things.

System Information and Mapping

Various lists of names, general information, and system mapping over the years.


Poetry, Undefined Writings, Essays, Articles, and All other writings